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With so many other "walk on water" companies available, why should you choose us? The answer is simple, our Bubble Lagoon design is the finest available. It is proven to be the safest, most efficient, and we believe, the most aesthetically pleasing of any design.

Requirements: 35' x 35' level space with basic power and water access within a couple hundred feet.

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Besides being the very first event based business to offer this new themed attraction in the US the following are some ways in which

WOW Bubbles is superior to the competition. 

Refined Design  

The creation of the Bubble Lagoon design responded to the common issues found throughout the industry and solved the major problems that inhibit safety and productivity.


The Bubble Lagoon theme is designed to create an unforgettable experience that's fun for the entire family. It's attractive and laid out in a manner that promotes safe and efficient traffic flow. A personal belongings area is provided for the riders convenience. We use medium and large bubbles to accommodate all sizes. This allows for more bubbles to be in the pool to maximize revenue while still giving each rider a quality full length ride even during a big rush. We play family friendly Hawaiian Style music and place Luau and Caribbean style decorations around the operation including inflatable palm trees, parrots, a pirate and more.


All staff is friendly, professional and trained and certified in proper operation and maintenance of all equipment. Staff members wear Bubble Lagoon themed uniforms. 


We have a perfect safety record with many hundreds of thousands of rides given to date, a current certificate from the carnival ride insurance program, NAARSO level 3 inspector approval.

  • The pool has built in fencing in the form of attractive pillars and netting to keep the bubbles safely in the pool even on high wind days. Tarps can be placed on the netting to keep water from splashing out of the pool in cases where no amount of splashing is acceptable. 

  • A canopy provides shade to keep the riders at the ideal temperature also has a quick release canvas that can be easily removed in case of high winds without stopping or slowing operation. Each bubble is completely deflated and filled with fresh air between riders. 

  • The loading platform is soft and flat. We never use hard platforms or unsafe ramps. We never load riders directly into the pool or from the edge like some other less experienced water ball companies. 

  • We use high flow blowers that are the quietest in the industry. This allows riders to clearly hear the operators instructions as well as providing a better experience for everyone.

  • All of our equipment and inflatables are made of the highest quality materials and construction methods.

Daily Maintenance

All inflatables are sanitized and checked for leaks. If needed, repair kits are on hand. This activity is recorded in a maintenance log. 


We have well over 100 references which include safety inspectors, state fairs, county fairs, large festivals, expos, resorts, amusement parks and more. We are very proud of our 100% safety and satisfaction record.


With hundreds of thousands of rides given across the US and beyond, we helped create the safety code of operation now accepted by the industry and are still refining it today. Compare our practices to the competition and you will see we run a much safer, professional and more efficient operation. 

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