Themed Air Tunnel Drop Zone Rides

This Wow Factor exclusive ride is the newest form of extreme inflatable attraction available.


The riders are lifted high up into the air when the top dome is inflated. They are free to swing around and bounce off the walls on the way up. After a brief moment of being suspended at the top where they can look out over the venue the riders parachute down and stop just before reaching the bouncy floor below. Riders can choose the speed ranging from a slow float down to a crazy fast free fall. Family and friends can watch from the large windows below.

This attraction is fun for all ages and is always and big hit at any festival or fair. This is the next big thing to hit the inflatable attraction industry!​

Alien Airlift air tunnel drop zone

This attraction requires 20' x 20' and is available in multiple themes. 

We can provide our own generators when necessary.


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