Staff Helper Application and Waiver 

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Please Screenshot or copy and paste the Craigslist Ad info to you phone so you have the event info.


In order to submit and be considered for the position you must agree to the following terms and conditions.


-You are somewhat physically fit and able to lift 80lbs or more, run around a bit and keep a smile on your face in the process.

-You understand the hours may be long and breaks are minimal, only to use the restroom and possibly to eat.

-You understand the hours listed in the ad may vary depending unforeseen circumstances such as weather, event closure, etc.

-You are able and willing to work in various weather conditions including but not limited to: cold, heat, rain, hail, snow and windy environments.

-You understand that you will need to wear clothing appropriate for the attraction(s) you will be operating. In most cases a nice set of shorts, t-shirt, sandals with a change of clothing including pants, a long sleeve shirt or sweater/hoodie, shoes if the event is open late or the forecast calls for cooler weather. Bring sandals for beach events. 

-We will provide water and possibly snacks, you are encouraged to bring your own drinks and food as well.
-You understand that you will be working with children and will be required to conduct yourself in an appropriate, friendly manner. You will be required to direct riders and explain the attractions including safety information, pricing and how the attractions works.
-You do not have a criminal record or any current or past issues that deem you a risk to work with children.
-You understand that you will be paid in cash and have no employee status, rights or benefits.

-You will not be under the influence of drugs, prescription or otherwise, or alcohol during the time you are working.

-You will not smoke on the event grounds.

-You are responsible for your own actions and you will not hold Wow Factor Attractions LLC accountable for any actions or mistakes, including those that result in injury or death to you or anyone else, made while at any event or venue on behalf of Wow Factor Attractions LLC.

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