Inflatable Rock Climber

It's an Inflatable! The first full size inflatable rock climber with plastic climbing rocks.

Inflatable Rock Climber
Inflatable Rock Climber
Climbing wall

This climbing wall can handle up to three riders at a time. Participants climb with assistance by our helpful and friendly staff. Once at the top they ring the bell and then jump away from the wall for an exciting repel down to the soft bouncy floor below. Fun for ages 5 and up. The parents love seeing their kids make it all the way up and the kids love the great sense of accomplishment they get after completing the course! Racing is encouraged as well. 


Participants are secured in an adjustable harness and a manual belay system is used to ensure 100% safety.


Requirements: 25' wide x 30' deep level space with basic power access (2-13amp blowers)

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