About Us

Wow Factor specializes in providing the newest inflatable attractions guaranteed to make your next event, festival, fair or expo a huge success. We design and distribute high quality exclusive attractions as well as all the popular favorites.


We have introduced many new inflatables to the event industry including the Air Tunnel Drop Zone, Themed Maze Funhouses, Wow Bubbles Lagoon and Water Rollers as well as fully inflatable versions of popular attractions like Climbing Walls, Bungee Jumpers, Zip Lines and interactive sports games. 

Wow Factor operates at some of the largest festivals and fairs across the US. Our exclusive designs, highest quality equipment and professional staff makes us your best option in today's industry. Our operation policies make safety, customer experience, display value and revenue maximization top priorities.


Contact us today and let us add that extra Wow to your fun zone!

If you're looking to purchase new attractions for your business, design your own attractions or start your own business please visit our online marketplace to see everything Wow Factor has to offer.

Benefits of choosing Wow Factor Attractions

Custom Designs  

The creation of the exclusive attractions we offer was in response to the demand for new types of rides and themes. We also addressed common issues found throughout the industry and solved the major problems that inhibit safety and productivity.


Our ride themes are designed to create an unforgettable experience that's fun for the entire family. Our rides are attractive and laid out in a manner that promotes safe and efficient traffic flow. A personal belongings area is provided for the riders convenience. Our individual ride layouts sizes and shapes are flexible on many attractions to accommodate areas large and small.


All staff is friendly, professional and trained in proper operation and maintenance of all equipment. Staff members wear company uniforms. 


We have a perfect safety record with many hundreds of thousands of rides given to date, a current certificate from the carnival ride insurance program, NAARSO level 3 inspector approval.

Daily Maintenance

All inflatables are sanitized and checked for leaks. If needed, repair kits are on hand. This activity is recorded in a maintenance log. 



We have well over 100 references which include safety inspectors, state fairs, county fairs, large festivals, expos, resorts, amusement parks and more. We are very proud of our 100% safety and satisfaction record.


With hundreds of thousands of rides given across the US and beyond, we helped create the safety code of operation now accepted by the industry and are still refining it today. Compare our practices to the competition and you will see we run a much safer, professional and more efficient operation. 

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Quality Control

Specification of products as follows:

1.Materials: We always use the best of .8mm TPU, .6mm or .9mm PVC tarpaulin, depending on the application, which are Fire Retardant, and water proof. The quality of the predominate material, vinyl, is the key element in determining the lifespan of the inflatable unit. The vinyl used on all our inflatables has the highest tear strength and can withstand drastic changes in temperature without losing its vibrant color. As seen in the pictures the base fabric of the vinyl is interwoven to maximize strength and durability making for a better end product. Our vinyl is also lead free providing for a non-toxic playing environment. The material can withstand extreme cold and heat.

2.Craftsmanship: Reinforced seams with double & triple stitches at every joints.

3.Anchor Points: We provide sufficient anchor points for all the inflatable units to secure them to the ground via stakes to withstand strong winds.


4.Deflation details: We provide deflation points with double zippers to be more durable.


5.Safe and convenient air flaps: For the safety, we make safety flap inside the air tubes, when the electricity is cut off suddenly, the flap will help stop the air from exiting too quickly.  This allows extra time for the children to exit.


6.Printing: We offer digital printing and hand painting as customer's require.


7.Sliding Sheet: For all the slides, we will do detachable sliding sheet and attach with the heavy-duty velcro.


8.Safety on giant slide climbs: For giant slides, we specially design ropes and handles along the entry ladder. As you can see from the picture, players can grasp the ropes when they climb up the slide so that it is easier and safer to get to the top.


9.Packing details: All inflatables include PVC tarpaulin storage bags, and blower are stored in cartons.

10.Repair Kit: We provide repair kits for all the inflatable units.

11.Certificates:    SGS,EN71,EN14960,RoHS,TUV,CE